Attention: If JobManager is installed as an Extenstion/APP, these Permission Sets already exists (as they are part of the installation).

The menu item Set default permissions create the below Permission Sets, subsequently assigned to Users.

If a BASIC Permission Set is selected, common JobManager permissions are added to the selected BASIC Permission Set.

Otherwise all users must be assigned to JOBMAN-ALLUSERS.

The task is completed when a page is showing the relevant Permission Sets.

Permission Set Name
JOBMAN-ALLUSERS JobMan assign to ALL users
JOBMAN-ADMINISTRATOR JobMan role for administration / payroll
JOBMAN-FOREMAN JobMan role for the foremen / line manager (eg. Time Calculation and Approval)
JOBMAN-SHOPFLOOR JobMan role for the shopfloor (Time registration)
JOBMAN-QUESTIONADMIN JobMan Questionnaire admin

In addition to one or more of the above, a user must also be assigned some basic NAV/BC privileges. For this, choose between the standard NAV/BC Permission Sets.

It's recommended NOT to change/add permissions in the above JOBMAN Permission Sets!

Usually select YES to overwrite.

See also

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This help includes both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central (BC). All references to NAV applies to both.