Note: JobManager 01.32 introduces a new page for Registration approval, which will eventually replace the one below!

Performed Calculation and Approval of the employees registrations. Typically performed by the Manager in charge of the Employee.

The calculation runs through all registrations and calculates the Employee's time for the day.

An Employee are Calculated by checking the box Calculated and Approved by checking the box Approved.

If the Employee registrations differs from the Time Schedule, there must be entered absence.

It is possible to delegate calculation or approval.

Setup regarding Calculation can be found here.

Need help to debug Calculation.

When the day is Calculated specification can be seen in Period Calculated Lines.

When the day is Approved the time is set for posting in the respective NAV modules through Stamp Events. This function must be activated under Setup.

Several employees can be Calculated and Approved or Undone with the functions Multi calculation, Multi approval or Undo ....

There could be a Pre-approval prior to calculation, typically performed by the employee responsible for Job.

To have permissions for Calculate or *Approval** the User should be responsible for a group of specified type og associated to one of the following Permission Sets:

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This help includes both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central (BC). All references to NAV applies to both.