Employee data from the Human Resource Module is reused, but further information is needed to use JobManager.

In the Employee List the lines can look like this:

Color and font Description
Orange Employee created, but no registrations yet.
Red (italic) Employee is deactivated.
***OBSOLETE*** Active
Calculation ID
Alternative identification
Calculate Group
Approve Group
Primary Work
Pre-Approve Group
Pre-Pay Agreement
Skip Clock-In & Clock-Out
Seniority Date
Location Code (default)
Bin Code (default)
User Name
Filter Option
Filter Resource
Filter Resource Group
Filter Machine Center
Filter Work Center
Filter IPC Activity
Filter IPC Category
Filter Registration add-on
Filter Work Type
Posting Rate
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

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This help includes both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central (BC). All references to NAV applies to both.