Note the App below is deprecated and replaced by this solution. Business Central 19 is LAST version where the following is supported.

The following sections describe examples of troubleshooting.

Error Instructions
The App get stucked with JobManager logo at startup Be sure your browser has trust to the following sites: and
The App has problems at login or errors within the App. Be sure that the browser HASN'T enabled InPrivate browsing. This can be called different things on different platforms (Private, InPrivate Incognito etc.)
The app reports error when entering Company ID and Connection code Be sure that there is a connection to the server. Follow the setup here.
The App has trouble sending GPS position Be sure that the App has permission to use the GPS on the device. Possible wait for the device has found a correct GPS position.
The App has trouble taking photo Be sure that the App has persmission to use the Camera on the device.
The App has broblems uploading photo Be sure to set Max Message Size large enough (greather then the size of the image). Follow the setup here.
The App uploads photo correctly, but can't be found in NAV Remember to enable this field on Comments Setup.
The App doesn't show all icons/fields. Note that the App's appearance are using the setup from JobManager User Interface.

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This help includes both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central (BC). All references to NAV applies to both.