Below is a list of the steps that should be undertaken for the successful importation of JobManager.

TIP: Read here to learn how to make demodata for Cronus.

Step Description Run
1 Run the Guide JobManager Foundation Setup Guide Open the page JobManager Setup and select JobManager Foundation Setup Guide
2 Parameters setup in JobManager Open the page JobManager Setup
3 Run Set default permissions (Note 1) Open the page JobManager Setup and select Set default permissions
4 Users and Permissions and Role Center Create Users og Assign Role Center
5 Customize User Interface Open the page User Interface
6 Import demo Calculation Open the page Calculations and select Download online
7 Create relevant Periods and Calculation & Approval Groups Open the pages Periods and Employee Groups
8 Create Employees i Human Resources Create Employees
9 Assign Employees to JobManager Employees Open the page JobManager Employees
10 Update relevant Jobs to Procuction, Job, Service and Assembly. Open the page JobManager Jobs and select Update Jobs

Note 1: If JobManager is installed as an Extenstion/APP, these Permission Sets already exists (as they are part of the installation).

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This help includes both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central (BC). All references to NAV applies to both.